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Do you want to be able to register faster, more securely and more easily with multiple gambling providers? And set your standard playing limits yourself so that gambling never costs you too much? Play it smart with GameID. Create an account quickly. From now on you can register yourself within seconds with all affiliated gambling providers.

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The advantages of GameID at a glance

Create your secure GameID account quickly and only once

From then on, you can register with all affiliated online gambling providers in seconds

Manage your personal information in a secure environment

Set your own default play limits

You can play at these gambling providers

Frequently Asked Questions:

No. Nothing will change for you for the time being if you already have an account with an online gambling provider. However, if you want to start playing with a new (to you) online gambling provider who uses GameID, you will be asked to create a GameID account. You can then use that account to register with the online gambling provider.

First of all, you must be eighteen or over and have a residential address. You will also need a valid ID, a bank account number (IBAN) and a smartphone or tablet with a camera. The process of creating an account consists of a few simple steps. If anything is unclear, you can always use the (i) button to get some help with the step you are on.

Ja. With GameID, you can set your own default play limit. When you register with a new (to you) online gambling provider, you will be asked to confirm these play limits for that casino. This ensures you will never overspend on gambling and will quit playing on time. You can always adjust your play limit via your account with the online gambling provider in question.

No. We will only share your information with the online gambling provider with which you want to register. In accordance with Dutch legislation, we have to share this information with the online gambling provider in question to allow you to play.

This has to do with the CRUKS register. The CRUKS register is a list of players who are taking a break from online gambling. An online gambling provider is obligated to check if your name is on that list. This is done with the help of your BSN. However, Dutch legislation states that the online gambling provider cannot store your BSN.

You can set your own play limits for specific online gambling providers. You can also have your name added to the CRUKS register (Central Exclusion Register for Games of Chance). From then on, you will be unable to play with online gambling providers or in Dutch arcades and casinos for at least six months. In other words, you can make yourself take a break from gambling. More information is available here.

If you have a question about your account with an online gambling provider, you can contact this online gambling provider directly. If you have a question about your GameID account, you can contact the GameID Helpdesk via +31 (0)88 835 7000.

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