Terms of use

The storage of personal data by CDDN GameID BV, hereinafter referred to as GameID, is subject to the following Terms of Use:

1. Stored personal data are only used to onboard Players with Licensees.

2. The Player is not allowed to provide incorrect or incomplete personal data.

3. The Player is required to keep the personal data concerning them that are processed by the Data Controller GameID correct and complete.

4. GameID may temporarily restrict the number of onboarding attempts available to a Player.

5. GameID may deny a Player the opportunity to onboard via its platform in case of (suspected) misuse or if the Player intends to disrupt the proper operation of the platform and the onboarding procedure.

6. GameID will do everything in its power to be operational 24/7. Maintenance will be announced ahead of time and performed with minimal disruption of the service.

7. GameID reserves the right to reject or terminate a registration if the Player in question acts in violation of these Terms of Use.

8. There is no obligation to consent to the use of your personal data for subsequent onboarding procedures.

9. The processing of personal data concerning the Player that were recorded with their consent is subject to GameID’s Privacy Statement.

10. GameID is not responsible or liable for the result of the onboarding procedure with a Licensee.