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GameID offers games of chance providers a smart eco-system for rapid online onboarding and monitoring of players. Via a dashboard you receive extensive management information and you can communicate quickly and directly with your players. GameID also ensures that you fully comply with Dutch legislation and duty of care.

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The advantages of GameID at a glance

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Lightning fast and secure onboarding of new players

Far fewer dropouts during onboarding

Smart dashboard with extensive management information

Watch onboarding players in real-time

Ongoing monitoring: always up-to-date data from players

Communicate quickly and directly with players

Smart notifications via API, dashboard or email

Compliant with legislation and duty of care

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Frequently Asked Questions:

With GameID, online gambling providers can quickly onboard new players. If a player does not have a GameID account yet, their initial registration – which includes creating a GameID account – will take around two minutes. If a player already has a GameID account, they can register with a new online gambling provider in mere seconds. This significantly reduces the drop-out rate during onboarding.

Other smart benefits of GameID:

  • Smart dashboard with comprehensive management information;
  • Monitor players’ onboarding process in real time;
  • Ongoing monitoring: players’ information is always up to date;
  • Communicate with players quickly and directly;
  • Smart notifications via API, dashboard or email;
  • Compliant with legislation and duty of care

Ja. Yes. If a player with a GameID account registers with another affiliated online gambling provider, their information will be shared with that provider. However, no competition-sensitive information is ever shared between providers. This means other online gambling providers will never be able to find out if a player has registered with your casino.

No, this is not allowed by law. During the process of scanning a player’s ID, GameID will immediately blur their BSN to make it unreadable.

Yes. GameID is a service provided by Communicatie Data Diensten Nederland (CDDN). CDDN has obtained an ISO 27001 certification. This is the international standard for information security. This standard outlines how information security is handled in a process-based manner.

This is required by law by the KSA (Netherlands Gambling Authority). In their GameID account, players can set their own default play limits. When a player registers with you as an online gambling provider for the first time, these values will be pushed to you. As an online gambling provider, you can give the player the option to change these values at any time.

It isn’t. GameID only pushes a player’s standard play limits to online gambling providers, not vice versa.

Yes, we are so convinced of GameID’s user-friendly onboarding process that you only have to pay for a successful onboarding, regardless of whether this results in a successful registration. Good to know; if a player goes through the onboarding process and is rejected because they fail to meet the requirements, we see this as a successful onboarding. After all, we saved you from a registration from a player who is not allowed to play.

An integration consists of technical steps and contractual agreements. If all goes well, the entire integration can be completed within one week.

The online gambling provider will have to take the following three steps:

1: Request a registration URL and open it;
2: Provide a callback URL so GameID can inform the online gambling provider that the onboarding process is complete after a successful registration;
3: Retrieve the onboarding information after calling the callback URL.

We can assist you with each of these steps.

GameID does not affect your existing players. GameID is an onboarding process and existing players have already been onboarded. In other words, only new players will be onboarded via GameID. Note that we do offer ongoing monitoring for your existing players.

If a player, due to any circumstances, is unable to onboard, the player will directly contact the online casino. If the operator of the online casino is unable to resolve the issue with the player, then the operator can call our support hotline for assistance.

The support hotline number is 088-8357050 (available 24/7, for casinos only)


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